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What Aspects do Customers Value in Sales Process?

Time:2013-5-27 8:58:27         Num:1616

The wave of infrastructure project makes crusher sales are in a new spring. Competition between major crusher manufacturers is becoming increasingly intense, and then in the sales process, what aspects do customers value and salesperson how to seize the favor of customers?

Shunky machinery experienced salesman summarizes a principle from more than 10 years of sales experience. She has very clear customer focus points in the sales process, and she concludes the following aspects. The first: quality is the most important thing. If a machine does not have good quality, it can not be used to buy back or maybe used for some time to be scrapped, it is not worth the money. So, when customers see a crusher, the first thing he wants to know is about the life of the machine, it means for how long this machine can be used. Secondly, the after-sales service is also critical in the purchase of the crusher; good after-sales service will solve problems in the first minute, rather than be postponed again and again. Therefore, the customer will concern crusher manufacturers’ after-sales service system very much. Finally, it is the company's reputation. Generally speaking, mine owners investment in crusher equipments, so before placing an order, the customer will visit the factory or visit the production site to ask the evaluation of customers who have bought equipment.

Shunky Machinery becoming a leader with excellent quality performance and perfect after-sales service system in crusher industry, Shunky speaks for herself with the good quality of equipment, customers are welcomed to visit.