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How to Reduce the Happening of the Problem of Sand Maker in the Process of Operation

Time:2014-8-25 23:21:01         Num:1045

With the gradual reduction of natural sand and stone resources, mechanism sand gets unprecedented development. As the main force of mechanism sand, sand making machine has a very important role in producing artificial sand. For this reason, the solid and durable characters of sand maker also are very important. In the process of producing artificial sand, there are inevitably  some big or small problems. Then, what should we do to avoid or reduce the happening of the problems? Let Shanghai Shunky technical staff has a talk about it.

Before starting sand maker, we should open the observing door, look inside whether the sand maker is normal, check the central feeding tube, cone hat, and the wear degree of the impeller parts. If there is any wear, we should timely replace or repair it and ensure the same weight of the wear-resisting parts. When sand maker is working, it is forbidden to open the observing door to observe the inner workings to avoid dangers. After the work of sand maker, we also need to clean,fasten, and exchange the lubrication oil changing to make the sand maker more durable.

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