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The Feeding Mode of Shanghai Shunky New VSI Sand Maker

Time:2014-9-2 0:27:43         Num:1524

Shanghai Shunky sand maker, according to the needs, has different feeding ways including two kinds: center feeding and ring feeding. Shanghai Shunky new VSI sand maker has simple structure, smooth operation, low cost. It is the ideal sand maker equipment.

Shanghai Shunky sand maker still use the original crushing technology "stone hits stone, stone hits the iron". The improvement in crushing material is the feeding way of Shanghai Shunky 6S sand maker. New VSI sand maker has two kinds of feeding patterns which refer to center feeding and ring feeding. It can adjust feeding mode to achieve the flexible transformation between sand making and sand reshaping according to actual demands. Next, we particularly talk about the ring feeding mode of VSI sand maker. The ring feeding mode is specially designed for stone shaping. This feeding mode can reshape the stone materials with flake and melon seed shape into cubic materials. The products produced by this machine has high production rate with good reshaping effect. Besides, the sand maker has the function of fine crushing and coarse crushing which make the product shape better.

Shanghai Shunky is famous for its sand maker equipment. In recent years, the research and development strength for sand maker is also increasing. Shanghai Shunky sand maker will be getting better and better.