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Shanghai Shunky Sand Maker Serves Domestic Infrastructure Construction

Time:2014-10-27 1:23:04         Num:2034

High-speed rail construction marks the technology improvement and progress in our country, and the basic sand and gravel aggregates occupy a very important part of the highway construction. As the saying goes: basic work is the beginning of success, and details decide success or failure. The quality of aggregate determines the quality of the construction progress. Only stable and good quality of sand and gravel aggregate can ensure the construction progress smoothly. Shanghai Shunky produced sand and gravel aggregate has good grain shape and uniform size. Besides, the indicators also meet the strict national standard, which makes it very suitable for the foundation construction of high-speed rail.

There are a lot of manufacturers of sand making equipment in the market. However, most of the manufacturers are small manufactories which have no technical guarantee and safety guarantee. Thus, it better to go to professional manufactures when buying sand maker. Shanghai Shunky is a professional sand production equipment manufacturer.

Since the establishment of Shunky, it has taken technological development as it development line. It produced equipment not only conforms to the requirements of the current market but also can save energy and protect environment, which is in line with the current social trends. Shunky established a professional service team to provide professional production and after-sale service implementing customer tracking service. It builds customer file, transports equipment following the customer when customers buy the equipment, train the operating people on site after the installation. Shunky pays attention to the usage of customer at any time after purchase, and repair in time once the equipment malfunction. Taking customer interests as own duty with professional technology services, Shunky machine is your first choice when buying sand making equipment.