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New Sand Maker Leads Chinese Sand Making Industry

Time:2014-10-7 18:03:45         Num:1898

If an enterprise wants to develop in a better way, on the one hand, it should make technological innovation continuously, on the other hand should pay attention to the quality of your goods. The old saying goes well: " learning advanced technology from Europeans to enhance ourselves ". Only in this way can we surpass them and gain the authority to be equal with them.

Shanghai Shunky 6S sand maker brings a new breakthrough in machinery industry. 6S new sand maker is based on the traditional sand maker and has gone through a series of improvement and innovation. It changes the old working and production idea. Besides, in the design and efficiency, it has achieved great improvement. The machine, after successful commissioning, has received the consistent high praise from the general customers.

According to the analysis of Shunky senior technical personnel, the domestic sand maker will disappear in 20 years relying on low price advantage. Facing such kind of urgent crisis, Chinese enterprises at present can be roughly divided into two kinds: one kind is similar to Huawei which put efforts in independent innovation, and strives to keep pace with international knowledge economy; another kind is the enterprise which pursues their short-term interest, takes risks in the law of intellectual property rights, and continue to eat the free lunch or low-price lunch.

However, people all clearly know that only constant innovation and independent research and development can make the company become really strong. Shanghai Shunky always adheres to the road of independent innovation, which makes it have so many loyal customers to come, visit, and order equipment. Only by making company itself become more powerful can they get more broad space for development.