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The Development of E-commerce Changes the Marketing Channel of Mining Crushing Machinery IndustryPublic Date:2014-06-24
With the rapid development of social electronic commerce, more and more companies use electronic commerce to promote their products, which has resulted the rapid reform and breakthrough of various industries’ sales channels. Shanghai Shunky takes advantage of this opportunity, quickly adapts to the ...
The Development Of Sand Maker Is Bound With The Construction of InfrastructurePublic Date:2014-05-05
The development of the construction industry cannot be separated from the basic raw material as well as the sand and gravel material. As we all know, the construction of our country is in a rapid period. The planning of highway network, the construction boom of water conservancy, the comprehensive s...
Crusher in Shunky will get a Better Future Depending on its Stable DevelopmentPublic Date:2013-06-13
China has long been recognized as the processing center in the world. However, the innovative ability of industries in our country has been praised by the world. However, mining machinery has the same problem. Many large state-owned enterprises still give priority to foreign large mining equipment ...
What Aspects do Customers Value in Sales Process?Public Date:2013-05-27
The wave of infrastructure project makes crusher sales are in a new spring. Competition between major crusher manufacturers is becoming increasingly intense, and then in the sales process, what aspects do customers value and salesperson how to seize the favor of customers?Shunky machinery experience...
How to Choose the Most Suitable CrusherPublic Date:2013-05-22
The crusher is a kind of mechine easy to get worn and torn. The operating environment and stone naturehave great influence on the working life of wearing parts. In order to improve the crushing efficiency and reduce the crushing costs, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate crusher according...
New Kind of Sand Making Machine Acclimates Social DevelopmentPublic Date:2013-04-10
The latest sand making machine in Shunky is the sign of the era, the machinery industry has been into the new level. This kind of machine is a new generation sand making machine with the most advantaged level produced by us. With the long- term technology and modern processing equipment development,...

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